credits & technical details

You can download the complete credits and technical details (pdf) here.

East Punk Memories 
A film by Lucile Chaufour (France - 2014 - 80' / 52')
colour documentary – 25 f/s – 1.77 - Stereo & 5.1 (DCP only)

Broadcasting format: HDcam - DigiBeta – Quick Time Seq. PR 422 - DVD - DCP 

english subtitles available

With Kelemen Balázs, Tóth Miklós, Mozsik Imre, Márton Attila, Pàpp Zoltàn Gyorgy, Ványi Tamás, Rupaszov Tamás, Horváth Attila, Erdős József, Vojtkó Dezső, Asztalos Ildikó, Törjék Tünde.

Additional music: QSS, ETA, CPG, Kretens, Aurora, Modells, Bandanas

Script & Direction: Lucile Chaufour

Cinematography & Sound (super 8 ): Lucile Chaufour

Cinematography & Sound (HDV): Lucile Chaufour & Bernhard Braunstein

Editing & sound editing: Lucile Chaufour

Sound mix: Grégoire Couzinier

Digital calibration:  Richard Deusy / Lylo post-production 

Production: Supersonicglide

with the support of Guy Picciotto 
with the support of Cinéma 93  (Département de la Seine Saint-Denis) for "#1 / Before the Fall of the Berlin Wall". This film also received the grant « Brouillon d’un rêve » from the Scam.

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